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Considering Early Childhood Assistant College? 3 Places You Can Work After Graduation

February 10, 2017

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Want to enjoy a rewarding career nurturing the development of young children? An Early Childhood Assistant (ECA) training program will be excellent preparation! You’ll learn how to interact with kids, encourage their development, and many other useful skills that can help you find success in your chosen field.

There are many employment opportunities available to graduates with these skills. Whether you want to work at a business dedicated to caring for children, or work with special community programs, after completing training you will be able to do so.

Interested in learning what your post-graduation options are? Here are some of the possibilities available to you.

Work at a Childcare Centre Once You’ve Completed Your ECA Courses

After completing your training, you can go on to work in a childcare centre. Childcare centres are businesses that take care of groups of children, ensuring their needs for nourishment, hygiene, and more are provided. They also typically provide structured and unstructured activities for children to enjoy, such as arts and crafts projects, time for free play, and other enjoyable activities.

Good ECA courses will provide you with a well-rounded education that will can prepare you to work for in a childcare centre. From guiding children through daily games and activities, to helping them with bathroom and lunchtime routines, you will be well-prepared for all the responsibilities you might be expected to perform once you begin your career.

At institutions like Medix College, you can learn these skills in approximately four hours per day of instruction! Whatever your existing obligations—from family or work commitments and beyond—you can fit your training into your life with ease.

Kids eating with early childcare assistant
ECA courses let you quickly prepare for childcare centre assistant roles

Early Childhood Assistant College Grads Can Help Educate Children in Preschools

Another common employer of graduates of Early Childcare Assistant training is a preschool. Preschool teachers and Early Childcare Assistants often provide children with a basic understanding of letters, numbers, shapes, sizes, and other basic concepts which help them prepare for kindergarten.

To help children learn such concepts, preschool staff will sometimes help with the development of lesson and activity plans. Commonly, these activities express what an educational goal is and how a selected activity will help children to achieve that goal. For example, to help children learn the alphabet, a childcare professional may plan to read an ABC picture book aloud to the class, and use it to demonstrate the names of letters and shapes.

Attending Early Childhood Assistant college will provide you with practical training to help with the creation of lesson plans for all types of concepts. You will get plenty of practice learning to work collaboratively with teachers, plan learning activities, and complete other tasks necessary to provide structured education for young children. You’ll be able to contribute to lessons that help preschool students learn many interesting things, and you’ll be ready to begin a career in preschool assistance with confidence.

Kids interacting with an early childcare assistant
Your training will help you help educate young kids by working at a preschool

LINC Child Minding Services: Interesting Employment for Grads of ECA Courses

In Canada, the Language Instruction For Newcomers to Canada (LINC) program provides English instruction to new Canadian residents. This helps them gain valuable skills for the workforce and become comfortable in their new home. At many LINC locations, childcare services are also provided on-location. These give the children of LINC participants the chance to learn English themselves, as well as to develop social skills that can help them succeed when they enroll in school.

By taking Early Childcare Assistant courses, you can become qualified to assist in teaching and watching students in LINC child minding services in as little as a year. Professionals in this role can assist in helping children learn to communicate in English, supervise children while they are at play, and help educators plan lessons for participating children. The LINC child minding program is popular across Canada, and is a great opportunity to use your ECA training to help make a positive difference in your community!

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