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Want to Become a Massage Therapist? 3 Signs the Career Is Right for You!

January 23, 2017

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If you like the idea of having in your hands the ability to reduce pain, promote relaxation, and generally make people feel better, a career as a Registered Massage Therapist (MT) could be right for you. As more Canadians seek the services of qualified Massage Therapists to maintain their health as they age, treat injuries and take a break from their stressful lives, there are increased career opportunities in clinics, spas, and on-site visits.

About two-thirds of Massage Therapists in Canada are self-employed, enjoying the flexibility to set their own hours, location, and working environment. With the focus on practical skill-building in a wide range of approaches and methodologies provided through Massage Therapy training at Medix College of Healthcare, students gain the confidence and knowledge to launch successful careers in this rewarding field.

Think you might be interested in this career path but aren’t sure if you have what it takes? Here are three signs that you’ll make a great Massage Therapist!

1. Compassionate Individuals Enjoy Massage Therapy Courses

The best Massage Therapists have a genuine desire to help others feel their best, conveying a sense of compassionate care that instills comfort and confidence in their clients. An empathetic nature gives you the positive energy that clients can feel in your touch, empowering them to better achieve their goals and want to keep coming back for return visits.

Client being massaged
Compassionate massage therapists help clients feel more comfortable

Compassion can be expressed in our body language, tone of voice, client focus, and patience, but it begins with an inner feeling. An understanding of a client’s pain and discomfort ignites a motivation to use our skills to provide relief and well-being. Good Massage Therapists are easy to communicate with, establishing a welcoming, safe, and professional environment that makes clients feel comfortable and relaxed during assessment and treatment.

2. Become a Massage Therapist if you are Attentive and Responsive

One of the first things students will learn in the Massage Therapy program is that each client is unique with their own particular needs. Massage Therapists are attentive to the client’s goals expressed during the initial consultation and responsive to the body’s demands throughout treatment so they can adjust accordingly.

A client enjoying his massage from his massage therapist
Successful Massage Therapists respond to their client’s unique needs

Successful MT’s devote their entire attention to each client during treatment, completely attuned to their body’s responses as communicated by their words, breath, and subtle movements to avoid painful techniques and deliver the personalized treatment that is best for them. An effective knowledge of a range of muscle tests and massage techniques gives MT’s the versatility to adapt to a wider client base and apply the right approach at the right time.

3. Good Physical Fitness Will Help When You Become a Massage Therapist

To provide effective Massage Therapy treatment to every client, maintaining good physical fitness will help you sustain a long career. Massage requires standing for long periods of time and rigorous physical effort to deliver sufficient pressure to the tense muscles of some clients. Keeping your body in good shape with high energy levels will help prevent injury and make it easier to perform multiple treatments in a day.

It’s important to build stamina, proper body mechanics, and manual dexterity so you can easily deliver whichever technique the client requires. The practical skill-building in Massage Therapy schools in Ontario includes hands-on experience at the public clinic, enables students to develop healthy habits for feeling great themselves as they help others to feel their best.

Would you like to become a Massage Therapist?

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