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3 Career Paths You Can Pursue after Dental Assistant College in Ontario

January 16, 2017

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Pursuing dental assistant training can open the doors to a variety of careers working in dental offices. From hands-on work assisting dentists with the treatment of patients, to performing functions relating to the administrative side of a dental business, there are multiple career paths available to graduates of dental assistant programs.

Curious about the career possibilities that will be available to you once you’ve earned your diploma? Here are three of the most common career paths that graduates of dental assistant programs take.

According to the Government of Canada Job Bank , growing demand for dental services means that the outlook for all of these careers is fair, so all are good, secure options for employment.

You Can Become an Intra-Oral Dental Assistant after Graduation

After completing your training, you might decide to become an intra-oral dental assistant. Intra-oral dental assistants are responsible for helping dentists perform exams and treatments for patients, keeping dental instruments sterile, and even providing some direct care to clients—services like tooth polishing, applying sealants, tooth whitening, and more.

Medix College’s program is designed to teach you the skills you will need to excel in this role. Not only will your classes cover practical techniques that you will need to know, but you will also get to complete a practicum component before graduation. Combined, this classroom training and on-the-job experience will help you master the skills you need for success working as an intra-oral dental assistant.

Become a Dental Assistant/Receptionist after Completing Your Training

Another option available to graduates of a dental assistant program is a career as a dental assistant/receptionist. Responsibilities that some dental assistants/receptionists are asked to do include ordering dental and office supplies, as well as performing administrative duties like record-keeping, scheduling, and more. If you want to work in the dental industry but are not interested in doing hands-on work with patients, using your training to take on this kind of career is a good choice.

The dental assistant program at Medix College will ensure you learn many skills that will help you succeed as a dental assistant/receptionist. This includes everything from soft skills, such as communication ability, to completing clerical work in an office and beyond. Additionally, our training programs usually only require approximately four hours of class time per day. Whether you have full-time work or other responsibilities, you will definitely find it easy to fit the training you need into your schedule.

Dental receptionist helps patient
At Medix College, you can train to become a dental receptionist in just four hours per day

Work as a Preventative Dental Assistant after Your Dental Assistant Courses

Preventative dentistry is the practice of caring for teeth in order to keep them healthy. Once you’ve completed your training, you may work specifically as a preventative dental assistant, and help dentists maintain the cleanliness and health of their clients’ teeth.

Preventative dental assistants are largely responsible for assisting dentists. Their work typically includes preparing patients for dental examinations, providing chair side assistance to dentists, and performing other tasks that dentists may require help with. Additionally, you may even perform polishing work on the coronal portion of patients’ teeth, which is the part that is farthest from the gums. And of course, you’ll be responsible for teaching patients all about the importance of dental hygiene.

A good dental assistant course will help you learn the technical skills needed perform these sorts of tasks, and offers a lot of individual attention from instructors to help ensure you are easily able to master anything you may find challenging. By the time your studies are complete, you will be ready to step right into a rewarding career as a preventative dental assistant.

Dental assistant teaches about hygiene
As a preventative dental assistant, you may teach patients about dental hygiene

After completing your intra-oral dental assistant training, you will be able to do hands-on work, administrative tasks, and work to help patients keep their teeth healthy. Whatever type of dental assistant career you want to take on; completing this program will help you get there!

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