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WHEN: Thursday, September 12th , 2019
TIME: 9:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.
WHEN: Monday, October 7th , 2019
TIME: 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

WHERE: The Student Lunchroom by appointment
WHO: Any & All student graduating in the year 2019

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Intra-Oral Dental Assistant

Career Opportunities: Intra-Oral Dental Assistant, Dental Administrator, Dental Office Assistant.

Medical Lab Technician Assistant

Career Opportunities: Clinical Laboratory Assistant, Phlebotomist.

Medical Office Administrator

Career Opportunities: Medical Office Administrator, Dental Assistant, Medical Billing Assistant.

Pharmacy Assistant

Career Opportunities: Pharmacy Assistant, Data Assistant, Dispensary Assistant.

Personal Support Worker

Career Opportunities: Personal Support Worker, Residential Support Worker, Personal Aides.

Instructors with Real-Life Experience

Our dedicated instructors and staff come from a variety of backgrounds and are one of the key components in
Medix’s distinct approach for healthcare training. All of our instructors share an unwavering commitment to
their students and have the credentials to bring real life experience to your program.

Admission Process

Medix College has a four-step admissions process which includes contacting the campus, a confidential interview, a business affairs review and the final enrollment

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Our graduates get hired at amazing companies

Flower U
Flower U
16:39 19 Mar 19
My experience at Medix college was good, I can not complain at all and I would suggest to any of my friends or family. thank you Medix
Acklema Lochan
Acklema Lochan
15:22 19 Mar 19
My experience at Medix College was definitely rewarding. Medix works with you to accomplish both personal and career goals. The instructors and other staff makes sure that the learning environment is comfortable and professional. They also offer you assistance in finding a job, which is really helpful and encouraging.
Marilyn Sanchez
Marilyn Sanchez
01:18 22 Mar 18
Luisa Balagapo
Luisa Balagapo
11:42 29 Jun 17
The experience gave me confident that the training i choose to change my career was the right choice.the placement got me intelectually ,emotionally. and physically ready. i 'am very excited to be working as a PSW, and very cofident that my training in facility and my school will take me where I want to be .
Anna Philaine Buning
Anna Philaine Buning
18:43 31 May 17
My experience with Medix have been amazing. I was an MLAT student evening. Every staff were very friendly and very helpful. Teachers were very helpful when it comes to their student. Everyone in Medix made sure every student succeeds with their course.
Jean Rose Balintec
Jean Rose Balintec
14:41 27 Apr 17
I just finished Medical Office Administration in Medix and I got hired right away! The placement program that Medix offers to their students is a great help for building experience and confidence.
Mohammed Ghaleb
Mohammed Ghaleb
17:53 25 Apr 17
All the staff and teachers they are amazing and helpful. Its Excellent collage .. GOOD LUCK for everyone with Medix..
Marcia Forde
Marcia Forde
19:52 24 Apr 17
I took the medical office Administration program at Medix College. I must say that the lecturers are knowledgeable and the program's curriculum is very extensive and leaves you feeling fulfill. Also , what i like is the component of doing placement where i was paced at the Toronto Western Hospital. There i worked three clinics and had great experience. Medix all the way !!!!
Tina Mortera
Tina Mortera
17:08 23 Mar 17
i dont have any regret to take this course. everything about is im enjoying so much. i've love what im doing. . everything they taught from school is great.
Gombos Heni
Gombos Heni
16:57 23 Mar 17
my experience was very beautiful. The memberteam is very nice, very good. I can asking more things and get the answer immediately. Friendly place friendly and nice my preceptor Janet. Can I did all things what they to do there.
Sheila Nelmida
Sheila Nelmida
15:44 23 Mar 17
I had a good experienced with Medix College, they are very helpful and accommodate so far with all my needs. I got hired where I do my placement.
KS13 ppyong
KS13 ppyong
16:49 22 Mar 17
it was an amazing experience. All the staff and school administrations are really helpful. It was a great experience studying here
Riri Washu
Riri Washu
23:49 06 Mar 17
The registration process was very easy. All staff there are very helpful. But the best part is having a professor who is fun, approachable and who will bring out the best in you. He will see to it that you will get what he's teaching and is helpful and very considerate (which is rare to most professor). Even though i have a good work now, the Medix still keep you on the loop on which company is needing employee. They do help students land a job which is awesome!
nick knickle
nick knickle
19:50 21 Feb 17
It' has really cool programs if your into fitness and medical stuff but I was hoping the job grant thing would help but it didnit