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Working in Public Health as a Professional with Community Service Worker Training

April 01, 2022

Professions in the community services realm have evolved over the years, as community service workers use their versatile skills in different aspects. Students who complete their training with Medix College can go on to find employment as community support workers or community health workers. 

This allows students with community service training to expand their reach and work with various groups facing hardship. The skills learned in our program prepare students to work with many diverse populations, giving them the practice and confidence to make an impact in such a rewarding career. Continue reading to discover what a role in this field can look like while pursuing a position in public health.

Realizing the Potential of Community Service Worker Training in the Public Health Space

At Medix college, we prioritize the competency of each student for each skill required for a successful career in community service work. With plentiful small group training, students can explore their strengths and weaknesses, while collaborating with their colleagues to improve their skills. With the hands-on experience they gain in our community service worker training from working with both families and individuals to practice applying their knowledge, students can gain confidence in pursuing this new career path. 

While students can pursue a role offering individual services, they also have the potential to apply their skills to larger groups of people in the realm of public health. As Medix graduates pursue employment as community support workers, they may work with various groups that need support, often providing prevention and health promotion services and various life improvement guidance. 

Community service workers have the potential to impact larger groups of people through positions in the public health field

Adding an Important Perspective to the Field

Community service worker courses help students develop skills that are highly transferable to the public health space. Students in our program grow to understand the complexities of contemporary community work practice, the helping process, human development, first aid/CPR and crisis prevention. Whether a natural disaster strikes or a family needs support navigating their own unique challenges, students learn to apply their skills to offer the best available guidance.

Employment location options that overlap with public health often include addiction treatment centres, immigration and settlement services, and community agencies. Graduates are able to offer a unique perspective when they enter the public health field, providing their extensive experience in supporting a number of social and emotional issues. And with experience in the community service worker field, they can start to think about how certain policies and initiatives may help or harm their clients and the larger population as a whole, and advocate on their behalf.

Community support worker training gives students the experience needed to provide a unique perspective in the public health field

Bridging the Gap Between Individuals and Communities

Community service work doesn’t have to be one-on-one sessions that offer guidance on an individual basis. Community service workers can extend their reach and offer their services, education, and knowledge to larger groups of people that may need additional support. Graduates of our program can assist social workers in various public activities and events, bridging that gap between individual services and the greater community.

No matter the situation, the goal is to always improve quality of life. When professionals work together to offer their own expertise to benefit the greater good, communities start to feel the level of support that is available to them. Community support workers are an essential part of many communities, and provide value to vulnerable populations. With the communication skills and cultural awareness that is sure to come with experience in this field, professionals are set up for a long, rewarding career.

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