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Why Hands-on Training Is Important Throughout Dental Assistant School

March 11, 2022

A professional dental assistant needs to be skilled in assisting dentists with patient oral care. That’s why aspiring dental assistants should value an education that provides hands-on training and experience in the dental assisting profession. Hands-on training provides dental assistant students with the ability to perform the duties assigned to them during their careers.

At Medix College, you’ll get to practice providing chair support to a dentist and preparing patients for dental examinations. You’ll also learn how to take preliminary impressions, the application and removal of dental dams, coronal polish, fluoride application and much more–under the supervision of a dentist and the dental assisting faculty at Medix College. 

Read on to discover how hands-on training can make a difference in your career!

Hands-on Dental Assistant Training Builds Your Confidence

When you want to pursue a career as a dental assistant, learning through theory alone may not always be enough. Studying the practical work of being a dental assistant is best when hands-on training is involved. Hands-on training removes the doubts you may have when learning new materials and reading how certain dental procedures work. Instead of being unprepared when dealing with patients and providing oral care, your hands-on dental assistant training provides you with real-work experience as you assist with patients under the supervision of a dentist. This builds your confidence and prepares you to put your foot in the door without a doubt when starting your new career. After completing the program, you won’t question your own expertise or the value you bring to the dental industry. 

Watch and Learn During Hands-on Training

Traditional methods of learning like reading a textbook or watching videos aren’t enough when it comes to becoming a dental assistant. Hands-on training at a good dental assistant college allows you to be right there in the action. You’ll be involved in the oral care process under the guidance of your supervising dentist and the dental assisting faculty. You’ll get to watch how a dentist educates patients, uses pit and fissures sealants, desensitizes and conducts radiographs, takes and develops x-rays and more. As you watch and learn, you’ll have the chance to apply what you’ve observed and improve on any mistakes you make during your training. 

Apply and retain what you learn during hands-on training

An Opportunity for a Personalized Learning Experience

When you learn through hands-on training, you’ll enjoy the added benefit of receiving one-on-one guidance and instruction from experienced dentists and dental faculty members. This is a valuable asset to take advantage of during your dental assistant training, since other forms of learning may not provide the same level of hands-on support. 

Enjoy a personalized learning experience during hands-on dental assistant training

As a dental assistant student, you’ll be in direct contact and work closely with your supervising dentist. You’ll get to ask questions, receive feedback and gain expert advice that you can take with you when you start your career. At the same time, personalized hands-on training may help you address any concerns, issues, or doubts that you have–as your supervising dentist and fellow students share their experiences with you. 

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