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Why Graduates with Medical Lab Technician Training Are so Important to Healthcare

April 26, 2019

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It takes a team of trained professionals to make sure the public gets the healthcare they need. Each healthcare professional is important to this effort, from doctors to personal support workers and more. Medical lab technicians, for example, work under the supervision of a medical laboratory technologist to assist in a variety of laboratory procedures. They help with important tasks such as blood collection, preparing patient samples for testing, and performing electrocardiograms (ECGs), among other duties. Without the services of medical lab technicians, healthcare providers would have a difficult time juggling their own responsibilities and obtaining the test results they need.

If you’re interested in becoming a medical lab technician, read on to find out how this career path helps keep the healthcare sector operating smoothly.

Medical Lab Technicians Help With Sample Collection

Medical lab technicians often come into contact with the public. For example, they interact with patients when it’s time to collect blood or tissue samples. For some patients, this process can be a bit nerve wracking. Fortunately, medical laboratory technicians sit with them through the process to make sure they’re calm and comfortable. They also monitor the sample collection itself using the training they completed in their medical lab technician course.

After the sample is collected, the work of a medical lab technician is far from over. Medical lab technicians make sure that the sample is properly labelled and sent to the right lab for testing. Without medical lab technicians, there wouldn’t be a professional to make sure that samples were collected properly, and that the right sample went to the right lab.

Medical lab technicians are responsible for making sure samples reach the right destination

Keeping Equipment Clean Is Important for Grads of Medical Lab Technician School

Medical facilities can be a busy place, which means that reducing the risk of contamination from germs, viruses, and bacteria is important. Medical laboratory technicians help in this regard by making sure that equipment is clean.

In addition to keeping patients safe, keeping equipment clean also helps to ensure that samples are not contaminated. Medical lab technicians often work with sensitive material, from blood and tissue samples to other body fluids. No matter the nature of the sample, protecting its integrity is important because it allows lab staff and doctors to obtain accurate results and make the right diagnosis.

Students at Medix College can learn how to properly clean and maintain their lab equipment

Your medical lab technician training teaches you how to keep the equipment you use clean, which helps ensure the accuracy of medical tests as well as the health and safety of patients. Without careful attention to the cleanliness of the equipment used to draw and process samples, patients may receive the wrong treatment due to cross-contamination, or become infected. This makes medical lab technicians’ careful attention to sterilization and cleanliness an incredibly important task within the healthcare environment.

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