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Thinking About Dental Administration School? Here’s a Brief Intro to Oral Pathology

August 28, 2020

dental office administration collegeDental office administrators can be found working in dental offices booking appointments, greeting clients, updating files, and processing bills. These dedicated professionals help to keep dental clinics running smoothly. To prepare them for this role, their training will include courses in a variety of topics. They’ll complete courses in records management, dental software, and effective communication—to name just a few. However, training to become a dental office administrator also involves learning a few things about the dental profession itself, including dental fundamentals and dental terminology. In fact, students also learn about oral pathology as part of their training.

What is oral pathology all about, and why is it helpful for dental office administrators to know about it? Here’s a quick intro to get you started!

What Is Oral Pathology All About?

According to the Canadian Dental Association, oral pathology is “the branch and specialty of dentistry concerned with the diagnosis, nature and primarily non-surgical management of oral, maxillofacial and temporomandibular diseases and disorders, including dental management of patients with medical complications.” What this means is that all kinds of diseases and dental problems fall under the purview of oral pathology, from dental caries to oral cancer. When a dentist examines a patient’s mouth for sores, unusual lumps, or other signs of disease, that is the field of oral pathology in action. 

Diseases That Are a Part of Oral Pathology 

If you’re considering attending dental office administration college, you might be wondering which diseases are a part of oral pathology. As it turns out, oral pathology is a broad field that encompasses many different diseases. These include common diseases such as thrush and black hairy tongue. Thrush, also known by healthcare professionals as candidiasis, is a fungal disease that typically affects seniors, babies, and those with compromised immune systems. Black hair tongue, on the other hand, is most often found among smokers and people who consume excessive amounts of alcohol. As its name implies, black hairy tongue involves the tongue developing a darker and fuzzier appearance. Fortunately, with the right dental care, it’s easily treatable. Of course, oral pathology also covers rarer as well as more serious illnesses, such as oral cancer. 

Why Students Learn About Oral Pathology in Dental Office Administration College

If dental office administrators focus on booking appointments, communicating with clients, and updating files—rather than working chairside with the dentist—then why do they need to know about oral pathology? As it turns out, there’s a good reason why oral pathology is something that students learn about at dental administration school. For starters, it improves communication between dental office administrators and other dental health professionals. When a dentist mentions a particular illness, you’ll be able to properly understand them and avoid any confusion or miscommunication. This in turn helps the dental office operate smoothly and efficiently. Another important reason why students learn about oral pathology is that it helps them better understand the work taking place within the dental office, which helps to make them better dental office administrators. With such in-depth training, you’ll graduate feeling ready and confident to begin your career in a dental office!

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