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Techniques Every Early Childhood Assistant Can Use When Working with Children

March 01, 2022

If you are great with kids and are in search of a fulfilling career, you might consider Early Childcare Assistant college. Early Childcare Assistants collaborate with educators to support the development of young children in the classroom. These professionals ensure that children’s developmental needs are met by implementing and facilitating a number of different daily activities while observing children closely to gain more knowledge about their behaviour. 

When working with children, successful Early Childcare Assistants use a number of different strategies to create a classroom environment that’s stimulating, nurturing, and safe. If you are considering earning your Early Childcare Assistant diploma, check out this infographic to discover some helpful techniques for working with young children.

[Infographic] Techniques Every Early Childcare Assistant Can Use When Working with Children

Provide Positive Reinforcement

Positive reinforcement builds

  • Confidence
  • Self-esteem

Make sure that:

  • You provide opportunities for children to succeed
  • Praise children when they do a good job

Ask Strategic Questions 

Asking children questions helps them to:

  • Engage their personal thinking process
  • Challenge children to communicate
  • Enhance logical decision-making

For example:

  • “How do you know that’s the answer?”
  • “Where else have you seen something like this?”

Create a Predictable Environment 

Making your classroom safe and predictable helps children to:

  • Feel comfortable
  • Build confidence
  • Become dependent on visible cues
  • Reduce stress

Encourage Social Interaction IMAGE

Help children to develop their social skills by:

  • Providing opportunities for group work
  • Introducing games to boost communication
    • The “Telephone” game works well for this

With these techniques, you’ll be ready to give children the support they need!



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