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Skills You’ll Build While Completing a Dental Assistant School Externship

July 01, 2022

dental assistant school

Imagine spending each and every day helping people gain confidence in themselves and their smiles. Working within the dentistry field is not only a rewarding career but also provides an exciting, fast-paced environment where no two days are the same. 

There is no better time to consider becoming a dental assistant. Job Bank Canada states that there will only be a growing demand for this rewarding career over the coming years, especially in Ontario. Furthermore, it suggests that candidates with intra-oral dental assistant certification will have further improved job prospects. 

If you are considering a career as an intra-oral dental assistant, you may be curious to know how an externship will give you a competitive advantage over others when you graduate. Keep reading to see how our 150-hour off-site placement allows you to further advance the fundamental skills you’ve learned with a real-world experience in a dental facility. 

Gain Technical Skills in Dental Assistant School

Your intra-oral dental assistant training will provide you with comprehensive knowledge about the tools and procedures you’ll be responsible for in your new career. From theory to practice, one of the greatest skills you’ll develop during your externship will be your technical skills.

Preparing dental materials, making impressions, taking x-rays, disinfecting tools and rooms, and anticipating the tools or assistance needed during complex dental procedures are just some of the technical skills you’ll build. Your externship will also test and build your dexterity and hand-eye coordination, as oral care procedures require you to work on a small section of the body using very precise instruments. 

dental assistant college
You’ll turn your dental assistant college theory into practice during your externship

Hone Your Interpersonal and Communication Skills 

As a Dental Assistant, you’ll be working closely with patients and co-workers. During your externship, you’ll gain real-world experience communicating in order to fulfill your duties such as gathering a patient’s medical history, educating them about oral health, explaining procedures and aftercare, breaking down billing and insurance matters, and making sure they’re comfortable in the chair. 

You’ll also build the communication skills that are essential to effectively work alongside the other members of the dental team, particularly listening skills. You’ll follow directions from your supervisors to complete tasks and use professional equipment. 

Develop Good Administrative Skills

Part of a dental assistant career includes office work, such as maintaining patient files, scheduling appointments, and answering phones. By getting the full experience during your externship, you’ll have the opportunity to utilize your time management, organization, multi-tasking, and technology skills while experiencing the administrative side of the career. 

intra oral dental assistant training
Intra-oral dental assistant training also prepares you for the administrative aspects of the career

Build Networking Skills and Make Industry Connections

Not only will you be able to include your externship on your resume, but you’ll have the chance to build a professional network with leaders in the industry before you even graduate from dental assistant school. You’ll work side by side with experts in the field, allowing you to network and make valuable connections within the industry that can enrich your future career opportunities. If you make a lasting impression during your externship there is also always the possibility that your supervisors will consider you if a job opening becomes available.

Overall, your externship will build on a variety of skills that you’ll need to be successful in your new career. You’ll become comfortable in a real-world dentistry environment by working alongside professionals, treating real patients, and gaining confidence in your abilities. With our comprehensive in-class theory, clinic practices, and 150-hour externship, you’ll be job-ready for your new, exciting, and rewarding career.

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