People of Medix – Rong Xu

February 01, 2020

“I was worried a lot about this new method of learning at first, because I can not see my lovely instructor, and I can not communicate with my classmates in person, it makes really upset and I feel kind of lost. I’m not sure what should I do. However, I receive a letter from my Instructor and she encouraged us keep studying, she will guide us how to achieve our daily goals of learning. Medix College Vice-President Peter also sent us a long letter to let us know we are never alone, the school members and instructors and everyone from Medix try to work hard for our benefit. Those letters and message are really comforting me as a student.

Online study is new for most of us and maybe difficult for us too, but we can not change our circumstances right now, we all have to stay at home for our safety. After a first week of studying I start to like the way of studying. We have a new discussion assignment to do, and I can see other students assignments too, we can leave a comment for others. I learned a lot from them. Nanci is so concerned our needs, she understand we have to take care of kids, do housework and other stuffs at home, so every assignment and exam, she gives us 24 hours to due. Right now I’m getting used to the routed we have each day. I’m so thankful that Nanci made the lecture of each chapter for us, it’s so detailed and easy to understand. Nanci arranged a Zoom meeting for us each week, so everyone of us can keep in touch through the internet. Although, I’m still miss going to school and I like we can all learning new things during the lab hours, but I’m happy we keep learning at home now. We are preparing ourselves for our future career. And the good thing is we are not alone, whenever I have a question, I send a message to my instructor, she will reply it when she has time, and other students are willing to help too.

If you are a new student and feel afraid of online studying like me before, please put your trust in Medix instructors, they all have great knowledge of teaching, and they know what is good for their students. Don’t waste your time stay at home watch all the bad news, manage your time to do good things, study for your own benefit.

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