People of Medix – Lourie

April 01, 2020

I am one of the many students of Medix College taking the Dental Assistant program, who is a mom of three, and full-time wife. Like many, my life revolved around a very fast-paced schedule. During this Covid19 pandemic, we are forced to complete our school work and exams through online learning. With three kids also doing online learning, two of them in elementary school and one of them in highschool, it’s definitely not easy. I never knew doing school work and helping my kids with school work at the same time day by day from the time I woke up was something I thought I could ever do. I don’t know how teachers do it with 20+ kids Monday to Friday.

We have a great instructor who’s always monitoring what we’ve completed online, having online meetings, posting lectures online, and our classmates giving their input on class discussions, and this gives me a sense of assurance and relief that if I need help, it’s there. And if I had any questions, I don’t feel hesitated to ask.  It’s been more than a month since we were all informed that we had to start doing online learning. Day by day I’ve learned to adjust my schedule and balance what needs to be done on a daily basis, almost how it was before Covid19 started. Between being a mom or just being a student getting her work done and submitting them on time, I’ve kept in mind what I’ve told myself from the beginning when I first stepped into Medix, which is “Moving forward to having a better future”.

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