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What Those Pursuing an Early Childcare Assistant Diploma Should Know About Family Literacy Day

January 24, 2022

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Early childhood education is important for children’s development – especially for improving their literacy skills. This is why Family Literacy Day, a national celebration of literacy since 1999, always takes place on January 27th. This is time for schools, literacy organizations and libraries to raise awareness of the value of reading and for families to engage in literacy-related projects together.

At Medix College, we provide aspiring early childcare assistants with extensive training that allows them to work under the guidance of teachers. Students will learn how to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children that encourages their social, emotional, physical and intellectual development. Read on for a look at some important things to note when pursuing an early childcare career!

You’ll Be an Advocate for Literacy Development After Finishing Early Childcare Assistant College

Before children can learn to read and write, they need the proper guidance to develop their ability to speak, listen and interpret their surroundings. While establishing these building blocks, a childcare assistant will play a vital role in a child’s literacy development. Literacy development helps a child to prepare for school, socialize, develop their own ideas and become an independent learner. You’ll be a beacon for literacy development as you help guide families in their child’s development. After you complete your training from early childcare assistant college, you’ll be able to collaborate with teachers in planning, developing and implementing daily activities that support and promote a child’s development. You’ll also discuss a child’s progress, address any issues and offer solutions with staff.

Communication Through Activities Is Important for Early Childhood Development

After you complete your training from an early childcare assistant college in Ontario like Medix College, you will understand the value of communicating with a child at an early age. You’ll collaborate with teachers in creating seasonal arts and crafts and organizing fun educational games to improve their literacy. You’ll be able to work with families in encouraging them to communicate regularly with their children, which will help develop their ability to speak, listen and understand as they get older. Facial expressions along with words and singing all play a role in improving a child’s communication and language skills.

early childcare assistant college in Ontario
You’ll develop fun educational games for families to play that promote communication

Reading Develops a Solid Foundation for Literacy

As an early childcare assistant, part of your daily responsibilities will include telling stories and organizing reading exercises with children. Reading helps children develop a solid foundation for literacy, as they observe how a word is written. By reading, children can take pleasure in learning new things–while improving their thinking and problem-solving skills, as well as identifying pictures on a page to follow along with you while you read. Reading to children will also give you the opportunity to bond with them and help establish a healthy relationship. Therefore, it is also encouraged for families to read with their children on Family Literacy Day, as it creates a strong bond between them.

early childcare assistant college
You will read to children to help them develop their literacy skills after completing your early childcare assistant diploma

Rhymes Help Connect the Sound of a Word to How it Is Written

Part of a child’s early development involves identifying different sounds for various words. As mentioned earlier, reading helps build a solid foundation for literacy, and when you introduce rhyming into the mix, it can help children make the connection between the sound of a word and how it is written. 

Part of your responsibilities as an early childcare assistant is to organize games that assist with learning. Rhyming games can help children recognize common sounds and draw connections  between words that will expand their understanding of the English language. 

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