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3 Ways to Help Children Build Independence With an Early Childcare Assistant Diploma

November 19, 2021

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A career in early childhood assistance is a rewarding experience–seeing the young minds and bodies of children learn and acquire new skills every day. As an early childhood assistant, you get to foster this growth by creating an encouraging, safe and nurturing environment for all children in your workplace. 

Learning to cater your knowledge and guidance to the development of childrens’ social, emotional, physical, and intellectual abilities is a highly respected skill of an early childhood assistant. Not only will perfecting these abilities for the child make your job easier as you’re able to step back from each task the child must perform, but it will also provide you with the satisfaction of knowing that the child is progressing and proud of their accomplishments. It can be hard for a child attempting to learn new tasks, so here are a few tips you can implement in order to help along the process while still building independence for the child.

1. How to Make Getting Dressed a Successful Task for a Child

Children love getting themselves dressed, as they are really able to express themselves and have a great sense of pride when they’re finished. They may need some assistance, but with a bit of preparation, you should be able to guide them in the right direction without hindering their feeling of independence.

When getting dressed, it’s important to give the child ample time to complete the task. Yes, they are slower than you are in getting dressed, so be sure to prepare for that added time so they can figure everything out. You should offer them limited choices over which dressing task they can try to complete themselves, such as buttoning up their jacket or tying a shoe, so they feel they have some autonomy in the choosing process. Break down the task for them and help them with where to start the order of operations. If they are struggling or ask for help, be sure to step in, and then let them continue on their own and finish with pride.

early childcare assistant diploma
Setting a child up for success in getting dressed requires some preparation and patience

2. Lunchtime Activities for Children You Can Implement After Your Early Childhood Assistant Diploma

A great tip for approaching lunchtime independence is to allow the children to choose where they want to sit. Offering a placemat or cup that has their name on it will help them set up their own eating space, helping them feel proud of their area and more likely to stay for their meal. Another great tip for child independence at lunchtime is the option for the children to serve themselves, giving them the opportunity to develop gross motor skills and practice their portion selection.

Finally, allow the children to take responsibility for their spills and any lunchtime clean up that needs to be done. Using the skills learned in your early childcare assistant diploma, you can foster this independence by making it a positive experience for the children. Once they realize that enjoyable and social meals require a bit of clean up, they will be more accepting of the cleanup process. 

early childcare assistant college in Ontario
Giving children options at lunchtime can help foster their independence

3. Assisting Children with Washroom Routines to Foster Independence

A big factor that aids in independence in the washroom is having the room set up for the child’s success. A step stool to reach the toilet and sink, along with soap that they can effectively disperse and use are both musts. 

Try to maintain a schedule during your work following early childcare assistant college, bringing children to the washroom at regularly scheduled times. This will help them feel a sense of routine, allow them to understand what to do, and give them plenty of chances to practice the skill independently.

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