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A Day in the Life of an Early Childcare Assistant College Grad

May 13, 2022

For an aspiring early childcare assistant, the role you play when assisting childcare educators in the development and nurturing of children is such an exhilarating feeling. Your role helps promote the cognitive, physical, emotional and social development of children, as you become their role model. That’s why it’s important to understand what an early childcare assistant’s day is like, as you prepare to launch your career in the field. 

At Medix College, you’ll receive hands-on training that’ll prepare you to become an early childcare assistant. You’ll learn how to collaborate with teachers, assist children in various activities and more. Below, take a closer look at what an early childcare assistant’s day is like!

Help Children Develop Coordination and Social Skills After Early Childcare Assistant College

When you start your day alongside early childhood educators, you’ll assist with children being dropped off by their parents. You’ll ensure that all the children are ready to start their day, and that everyone is safe and accounted for. 

Morning time is when the fun kicks in. Under the guidance of the teacher, you’ll probably gather the children in a circle to begin carrying out some fun and engaging activities. Your early childcare assistant college training will provide you with the skills needed to support teachers in carrying out activities in singing, stretching and other movement-related activities. Other hands-on activities may include creating seasonal arts and crafts. These all help with the development of the children’s social skills, coordination and creativity.

Prepare Snacks to Fuel Young Minds for the Rest of the Day

After you attend an early childcare assistant college in Ontario like Medix College, you’ll learn how to plan and prepare nutritious meals for children based on the Canada Food Guide. You’ll help with snack preparation and get the children ready in their assigned areas to eat. Snack time is important as it provides children with the energy they need to continue with their learning and other fun activities throughout the day. You’ll ensure that the children wash their hands properly and sit down quietly as they eat their healthy snacks, which may consist of fruits, vegetables, yogurt and granola.

After early childcare assistant college, you’ll be responsible for preparing snacks and meals for children

Playtime and Group Activities Are Followed by Lunch

After snack time, the children will be energized to take on the work you’ve planned for the day. You’ll probably have them participate in fun activities outside or inside the classroom that promote intellectual, physical and educational development. These may include reading, drawing, puzzles or participating in a scavenger hunt outside. 

By lunchtime, the children will start to get tired and be ready to eat their midday meal. Some children will have their parents provide them with lunch, while others may be eating what you and the teachers have prepared. 

After lunch, you’ll help teachers organize educational and fun activities for the children

Nap Time and More Activities to Follow Before the End of the Day

After all the children have had their lunch, it’s time for you, the teacher and the children to take a nice quiet break. This is when you let the children take a nap in between. This is also a time for you to regroup with the teachers and prepare the schedule for the remainder of the day. After the children have had their naps, you’ll have them enjoy some other fun and educational activities. Finally, you’ll get them to tidy up the classroom together, which encourages good life habits in the children and builds a sense of responsibility and teamwork. 

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