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5 Career Paths You Can Unlock After Massage Therapy School

June 10, 2022

When studying massage therapy, professionals often make the mistake of assuming that massage therapists only work in one setting. However, in truth, there are many different paths a graduate can take. Did you know that massage therapists can be employed at resorts or even cruise ships? Whether you want to be your boss or work with a big team, you can take different roads depending on what you are seeking out of a job or what kind of work environment you would prefer. 

While making a decision about your future career can be overwhelming, discovering more about the different career paths you can take as a massage therapist will provide you with some insight to make the decision easier. Below, explore five different opportunities to consider after completing your massage therapy training at Medix College.

1. Be your Own Boss and Become Self-Employed

After completing massage therapy training, students can become their own bosses by launching an independent massage therapy practice. As a self-employed massage therapist, you can either work from a home office, rent a space or provide at-home services to your patients. Among massage therapists, self-employment is a popular option. In fact, around 46% of them run their own business and build their patient list. During your time at Medix College, you will learn the business, computer and technology skills necessary to start your own practice, ensuring a successful career.

As a massage therapist, you can start your own practice

2. Work in a Relaxing Spa Facility

If you prefer a highly relaxing background while practicing massage, working in a spa facility could be right for you. After graduating, massage therapists may choose to work for a local spa or beauty salon. While working in these environments, massage therapists often develop new techniques, such as using beauty scrubs and wraps to help nourish the skin. While working in a spa, you’ll take appointments for guests, hold consultations with them about your services, and apply the skills you’ve learned in order to provide the highest level of service.

3. Head to a Fitness Facility After Massage Therapy School

Another popular career path for graduates from massage therapy school is the sport and fitness industry. In fact, many massage therapists originally enter the field after practicing sports competitively, desiring to build programs for injury recovery or help high-performance athletes stay healthy. During your time at Medix College, you will learn more about the human body and the function of different body parts. With classes such as Introduction to Anatomy and Physiology, you’ll have a better understanding of how to treat and prevent injuries using a variety of massage techniques, enabling you to launch a sports-centered career.

4. Looking for More Structure? Work for a Corporate Company

The corporate and tourism world is also an intriguing option for massage therapy graduates. Whether it’s for a cruise ship, resort, or large company, many therapists may find themselves working with tourists or corporate staff in a number of settings. For example, did you know that in-house massage therapy is one of the many benefits that Google offers to its employees? At Medix College, you’ll take courses in Human Relations and Professional Development, building skills in integrity, professionalism and bioethics, which you can apply to your career in the corporate and tourist industries. 

During massage therapy training, you’ll learn how to be professional when working with patients.

5. Work in a Medical Setting and Learn about Different Health Conditions

If you’re interested in working in a fast-paced environment, you might consider specializing in medical massage therapy. With some additional training, you can become a Medical Massage Therapist, where you’ll perform massage therapy techniques to treat specific conditions diagnosed by a doctor. On any given day, you might be treating chronic pain or illnesses, educating patients on massage, and speaking with doctors about patients’ progress. If you’re prepared to work in a hospital setting, this career path could be right for you.

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