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Working at a Spa After Completing Massage Therapy Training

November 17, 2017

massage therapist working on client”/> <p class=”contentp”> When it comes to choosing a career in an in-demand industry, few options compare to becoming a massage therapist. Massage therapy has been a growing sector across the country, with the Government of Canada noting that “employment growth is expected to be strong” and that unemployment levels among massage therapists are low. <br/><br/> Becoming a massage therapist means having access to many different career paths, including working in athletic and sports therapy clinics, rehabilitation clinics, and more. For many students, another career path they might choose is to work as a massage therapist in a spa. Spas are certainly a safe career bet, with current estimates stating that there are approximately 2,300 spas operating in Canada, with as much as 44 per cent of them located in Ontario alone. <br/><br/> But while spas are so common, what is it really like to work at one? Read on to find out what students can expect! </p> <br/><br/> <h1 class=Working at a Spa After Massage Therapy College Means Spending Less Time on Administrative Tasks

Part of what makes becoming a massage therapist such a rewarding option is that this career offers a lot of flexibility. Graduates can choose to work part-time, or even work for themselves by creating their own massage clinic. However, one of the drawbacks that can come with opening your own business is that you’ll be responsible for many administrative tasks like marketing your massage clinic, booking appointments, ordering supplies, and more.

massage therapy tools

For massage therapists working in a spa setting, supplies will always be on hand

For students who prefer to focus on offering massages, working at a spa can offer the ideal career path. Working at a spa means that receptionists will be there to answer phones, greet clients, and schedule appointments. In addition, cleaning and managerial staff will make sure that you always have fresh towels and other supplies ready to use. If you decide to work at a spa after massage therapy college , you can expect to spend more time working with clients, and less time on other tasks.

Benefits, Discounts, and Other Perks Often Await Massage Therapists Working in Spas

Spas know that the massage therapists they hire are a true asset to their company. After all, a massage therapist who truly connects with clients and provides an exceptional service will encourage repeat visits, and help grow business as guests leave positive reviews or tell their friends to go.

For this reason, spas want to make sure their massage therapists feel valued, and will often include perks like discounts or the use of facilities. Other benefits like a health or dental plan might also be included. While these benefits might not always be offered across the board, if you decide to work at a spa when you become a massage therapist , you can expect to see some added perks come your way.

Graduates of Massage Therapy College Can Expect a Relaxing and Positive Work Environment

While working in virtually any massage therapy setting will involve a positive and relaxing work environment, this is especially true for massage therapists who choose to work at a spa. Spas prioritize relaxation, and for many clients, a day at the spa is a fun treat. They might be looking to unwind after a particularly stressful day at the office, enjoying a nice time with friends, or even having a special date with their significant other.

pharmacy assistant talking to patient

Many clients see going to the spa as a special treat

If you decide to work in a spa after graduation, you can also expect to see clients on their honeymoon, bridal parties preparing for the big day, new moms looking for some well-deserved downtime, and many others celebrating important milestones. It can be a truly rewarding opportunity to help a client unwind and enjoy a well-deserved celebration.

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