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4 Ways to Soothe Stressed Clients When You Become a Dental Office Administrator

May 17, 2019

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Dental services are naturally an important part of protecting and improving clients’ oral health, but it isn’t always a straightforward matter for some. Whether it’s due to anxiety about an upcoming treatment, embarrassment over their dental needs, or for another reason, it is certainly not uncommon for clients to be stressed or nervous when they arrive at a dental practice. As a dental office administrator, you can help clients feel more comfortable and help to reduce their stress levels before they see the dentist.

Read on for a few helpful tips that can help you soothe stressed clients.

1. Dental Administrators Know an Organized Waiting Area Is Reassuring to Clients

The waiting room is an important space for graduates of dental office administration college. It’s also important to clients, as it provides them with an immediate first impression of your business. They’ll also be spending a significant amount of time in the waiting area, so this is a part of the office that can have a big impact on their experience. If your office is cluttered and unorganized, clients may feel less than positive about services—even if they are excellent. Keeping the waiting area tidy and organized can make a big difference. In addition, plenty of natural lighting, beautiful paintings, and perhaps even a potted plant can go a long way towards creating a relaxing environment where they feel comfortable.

2. Include Interesting Reading Material When You Become a Dental Office Administrator

If reading a tattered magazine from 1997 doesn’t sound appealing to you, it probably won’t be appealing to your clients either. Although clients have their phones to keep them company, providing interesting reading material can help keep them occupied. This in turn can help take their minds off the procedures they’re waiting for. You can even include a few unusual selections such as cookbooks, coffee-table books, or picture books to keep clients and children entertained.

Current and interesting reading material can help take clients’ minds off their appointments

3. Ambiance Is Important after Dental Office Administration Courses

For many clients, one of the main sources of stress and anxiety is the sound of the dental drill, and simply hearing it can make them nervous about even a routine procedure. Although there’s no way to mute the noise of a drill, there are ways to reduce it. Playing soothing background music can help draw clients’ attention away from loud dental machinery.  Water features such as a fish tank or fountain can also provide more soothing noise that masks the sound of dental tools.

4. Being Open and Communicative Can Help Give Clients Peace of Mind

It’s important to establish a strong sense of communication when you become a dental office administrator. Whether greeting clients with a friendly smile or making a quick call to confirm an appointment time, dental office administrators often use their communication skills. Communication is more than just making small talk, though—it also includes staying friendly and professional. For many clients, your expert communication skills can help them feel welcomed and comfortable in your dental office.

Students at Medix College can use their training to communicate with clients

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