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Telltale Signs You Are a Great Fit for Medical Lab Technician School

October 20, 2017

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Although sometimes working behind the scenes, medical lab technicians and assistants play a crucial role in the health care industry. Medical lab techs can work in hospitals, medical laboratories, veterinary labs, doctor’s offices or even blood donor testing centres to help process samples, so healthcare providers can make important decisions regarding patient health and course of treatment.

Have you been considering enrolling in a medical lab assistant/technician training program? If so, read on to discover four signs that a lab tech career is right for you!

Medical Lab Tech Training Is a Good Fit If You Have Good Communication Skills

Working in a medical laboratory involves working closely alongside other health care and lab tech professionals. Depending on your specific role in the lab, you might be required to communicate your findings with other lab technicians or work together to reach a conclusion. This might involve explaining why you believe a test result might not be correct or pointing out a particularly unexpected discovery. Knowing how to articulate what you’ve discovered in a clear and concise way will help ensure that everyone is on the same page and no mistakes are made.

Students talking in a lab
Good communication skills are a sign you’re a good fit for medical lab tech training

Consider Medical Lab Tech Training If You Pay Attention to Detail

When it comes to working with medical samples in a lab, paying close attention to detail is crucial. Because doctors and nurses base how they treat a patient off the results of laboratory tests, even one tiny mistake can have negative consequences on a patient’s health. As a result, being able to stay focused on the details will make you a great fit for medical lab tech training.

You Have an Interest in Healthcare and Helping People

Although you won’t be working with people directly as a medical lab tech, you will play an important role in ensuring that patients receive the health care they need. As a result, having a genuine interest in helping people and being a part of the healthcare sector is an important quality for success in this role. Not only will it give you purpose and a rewarding sense of accomplishment, but it will give you the drive to do your best every day!

Good Time Management Is a Great Quality to Have When Considering Medical Lab Tech Training

If you are going to work in a hospital after medical laboratory technician school, having good time management skills will help you manage your workload and stay on top of all your responsibilities. During particularly busy times, or if there are simply more patients than normal, your workload could change quickly.

A student working in a lab.
Staying flexible when things change is an important quality of medical lab techs

If you’re working in a lab and you have an influx of tests that need to be processed, the ability to reprioritize your tasks throughout your shift will help you thrive in the exciting environment of a medical laboratory. With the help of good time management skills, you’ll be able to get test results delivered quickly, so that patients can get the care they need as soon as possible.

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