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March 22, 2017

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Medix College has been changing the lives of students since they opened their doors more than 40 years ago. With Healthcare programs that focus on fostering a fundamental understanding of the materials versus a recitation and practical, hands-on experience – students can be assured that they will walk away with not only the educational background they need to succeed in their careers but the confidence to excel in their fields, too.

For graduates like Tashana, this focus on developing a strong understanding of the theory and providing practical hands-on training proved vital in the success of her new career. “I am proud of my career and having graduated from Medix, I know I have gained the best knowledge and training to stand out in the competitive workplace,” she said “It felt like home, the first time I stepped into its doors. The faculty and staff are very professional and approachable.”

Medix College is a firm believer in creating a family atmosphere that focuses on the most important thing – the students. By creating programs that offer hands-on training and soft skills development within full-time programs such as ‘Mastering the Attitude of Success’ from the Pacific Institute and student financial education from Enriched Academy, students can be sure they will graduate with an education that offers them more than just a job – but an actual career.

“My life changed the day I walked in through the doors of Medix College. After having worked over 15 years in the administrative field, I needed a change,” said Medix graduate, Brenda, “I always loved the medical field, I decided to redirect my energy. There is truly nothing comparable to Medix – this is not a simply a college – this is a team… YOUR team.”

These programs are ideal for tenacious students who want to further their careers, develop a new skill set, or who have a general interest they would like to explore but have never had the time to do so. These programs are affordable and boast flexible class times that fit your busy lifestyle.

For graduate students like Daniella, pursuing her education at Medix College was the difference between being in a stable career that enabled her to spend time with her children and being in a job that was filling her with dread and impeding on her quality of life.

“I reached my breaking point, working the night shift as an assembler. The nights were just too hard, and I never got to see my children,” she said “I decided to take the early childcare assistant program at Medix. Not only was I able to quickly train for a stable career, I spend my days helping other children learn and grow and my evenings enjoying my own little ones.”

Every year, Medix helps hundreds of students uncover their career path or pursue their lifelong goal. Isn’t it time you put yourself first, just like Daniella did?

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