Are Healthcare Courses Right For You? 3 Qualities all Great Healthcare Professionals Share

January 11, 2017

personal support worker helping patient

Whether they work in massage therapy, personal support, or any number of other roles, people who are right for healthcare work tend to share a few qualities. These are qualities that help professionals relate to other people, and provide a high-level of service that keeps clients satisfied that they’re being taken care of.

Wondering if you fit the bill? If you have the following qualities, you’re likely a good fit for the healthcare industry.

Here are three qualities that all great healthcare professionals share.

Great Healthcare Professionals Can Empathize With Their Clients

From people struggling with addiction, to children coping with behavioural difficulties, the clients that healthcare professionals work with are often dealing with difficulties in their lives. Research shows that patients in difficult circumstances are more likely to feel satisfied with their care and enjoy better overall health if they feel that their healthcare provider is interested in their well-being and listens to what they have to say. Skills in empathy are therefore crucial for healthcare professionals.

If you are naturally empathetic or good at understanding the feelings of others, you will be well equipped to provide this type of care to your future clients. You might do this by listening to what they have to say, offering sympathy when they are upset, or by being patient when explaining information to clients. If these sound like strengths of yours, you will likely thrive in a healthcare role!

Medix College offers a wide variety of healthcare courses which will provide you with the proper theoretical and hands-on training you need to pursue a number of careers, including early childcare assistant, personal support worker, massage therapy professional, and more. Whatever your strengths and interests are, our diverse offerings ensure you have no trouble bringing your caring nature to a healthcare career you will enjoy.


Successful Graduates of Healthcare Courses Are Good At Following Protocol

Like the work done in many careers, healthcare work often needs to be completed in specific ways, and certain protocols should always be followed. For example, professionals with pharmacy technician assistant training will be expected to stick to a particular procedure when they order and receive inventory for a pharmacy. Likewise, graduates of medical laboratory technician assistant programs need to follow specific steps when handling and distributing specimens to be analyzed by other members of the laboratory team. Having a respect for and following protocol is therefore a great way to succeed when performing these and many other tasks in healthcare professions.

Our programs are designed to teach you the skills that are in demand in modern healthcare, so you can expect to learn procedures common to your chosen career path when studying at Medix College. You will get to apply these skills in our industry-standard laboratories, clinics, and other facilities. This knowledge of industry protocol, combined with your natural ability to respect it, should help you hit the ground running after graduation.


Two healthcare professionals standing behind the counter
Being able to follow industry protocol can help you succeed in healthcare careers

Good Communication Skills Help Graduates of Healthcare Courses Succeed

Many healthcare careers involve a lot of interaction with people. That’s why good communication skills can be a great asset. Examples of valuable skills include being good at listening to both clients and colleagues and understanding what they are trying to say, as well as being able to share your own thoughts clearly through speech. These can help you effectively follow instructions, answer questions, and deliver assistance, allowing you to get your tasks done quickly and efficiently. Healthcare businesses can work with many people in a single day, and a good level of efficiency can help you keep wait times down, and your clients happy. Worried that your English skills may need a little work? You’ll be glad to know that our career training in healthcare places emphasis on helping students develop soft skills, like communication ability, to help them thrive in their careers. What’s more, class sizes are small, so you can expect to get a lot of individual attention to help you with anything you find difficult, whether that’s workplace communication or anything else.

By the time you finish your studies, you should have the skills you need to enter the workforce with confidence, and take on the healthcare career you want.

Healthcare professional talking to a client
Good communication skills will help you interact with patients and coworkers effectively

Good communication skills will help you interact with patients and coworkers effectively

People who are naturally empathetic, patient, and good at communicating can find success in healthcare careers. If you have any of these qualities, consider learning more about the options our school offers!

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