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Why Your Skills Will be In-Demand in 2022 After Personal Support Worker Training

December 23, 2021

A personal support worker is someone who assists people who cannot perform daily tasks on their own. This could be someone who has either mental or physical disabilities, someone who is ill, or more commonly, elderly. These tasks often include bathing and eating. At times, a personal support worker may also perform certain medical procedures under supervision at the request of a doctor or nurse. There is currently a shortage of PSWs which has created a need for qualified, professional, and caring workers in the field. Let’s take a look at how you can apply your skills to fill the current demand in the healthcare sector.

PSW Courses Will Give You The Skills to Succeed

Through a PSW course, you’ll gain all the necessary skills to become a successful personal support worker. Some courses are conducted in a regular classroom setting, while others are led in a lab. The regular courses include PSW Foundations, where you’ll learn about changes that come with age, Assisting With Personal Hygiene, which teaches you how to assist with common conditions, and Hospice And Palliative Care, where you’ll learn how to identify an individual’s needs.

The lab-style classes offer a more hands-on experience. These classes cover meal preparation, how to assist someone with basic hygiene tasks such as bathing, administering medication, bedside and personal care, and how to increase comfort. No matter the task, communicating clearly and compassionately in each situation is an essential part of the work.

Those in PSW courses will get the chance to put their skills and knowledge into practice with externships in a workplace environment, where they’ll work under the direct supervision of a clinical instructor at a long-term care facility.

Personal support worker courses teach skills that will help you offer the best care to your clients

Support for Canada’s Older Population

The Canadian Census showed that there were more people who were 65 and older than there were children in 2016. This is partially due to the baby boom between the years 1946 and 1964. That generation is now growing older. Essentially, we will have more elderly people who may need assistance in the next coming years than we currently have. This means there’ll be a need for more personal care workers who can offer compassionate and professional service to these people. A career as a personal support worker can be extremely rewarding, as they play a major role in optimizing their clients’ well-being and sense of self-governance. With the right training through personal support worker courses, this could be you.

Canada’s aging population will require more PSWs in the near future

A Shortage of Healthcare Workers

Just like most industries, those in health care, including personal support workers, took a major hit during the pandemic. Many people were forced to make major life adjustments, including changes to their work situation. If this past year has taught us anything, it’s that our health care workers are an extremely valuable and indispensable part of our society. Long-term care facilities, hospitals, and private homes all need good personal support workers to join their teams. With a shortage of qualified workers, these places are unable to provide the quality of care that their clients deserve. By training as a personal support worker, you can play a part in supporting both clients and the wider healthcare industry.

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